hello my name is Catherine yes and I’m the AGS tutor at Wisconsin Lutheran College today we will be talking about annotated bibliographies some of your courses that Wisconsin Lutheran College will require you to write an annotated bibliography an annotated bibliography is a working list of references such as books journal articles online documents and websites that you will use for an athelete research paper or project each reference citation is followed by a short summative and evaluative paragraph which is called an annotation thus the entity a bibliography has two parts the citation and the annotation first things first you must collect sources a great place to start is the WOC library webpage you can search on top cap for books or even choose for many different databases like Excel host ProQuest and JSTOR to find scholarly articles if you have any issues finding an article be sure to ask librarian for assistance there’s no limit to how many sources convenient a to bibliography be sure to find the required number of sources your professor asks for a bibliography pretty much means references the first part of your annotated bibliography is to have citations for books journal articles websites and others resources quick citation review the APA citation begins with the author’s last name followed by the first time your initials afterwards comes the publishing in parentheses this part is always consistent what follows depends on the type of stores here we have a citation or a journal article to know what always refer to the APA manual or the Purdue owl a page citation machines can be helpful to create citations but what comes out is not always accurate it is actually much easier and faster to learn the citation rules and apply them for yourself another way to easily get citations for your journal articles is through the database many many patients will cite the sources for you simply click on cite the citation for AP department will then be made available simply copy you paste the citation into your document generally the database with citation is always accurate as with reference the citation in your annotated bibliography should be listed in alphabetical order so what you reference in your paper is easy to find also like after the first should have a hanging indent within the annotations there should be a summary of the source this should be a brief summary paraphrase as much as possible but it is also kiya cool when necessary then the source should be assessed how does it compare to other sources in your annotated bibliographies is the information reliable is the source bias their objective what is the main message the source is trying to get across there should also be a reflection where the source is considered in relation to your research how does this source still in the larger paper how will this source be used does it bring new light to the topic these questions should all be considered in creating your annotations the size of your annotation maybe are you follow your instructors guidelines in most cases the annotation will be no more than three paragraphs many professors actually only asked for one paragraph either way try to make sure all three points are addressed sunrise is best for flowers in this example we see all three the first two sentences are summary of the text the next to assess what the author was trying to say as well as the intended audience and the final reflects on how the source is helpful observe all citations and annotations should be on the same page one after the next you do not need page breaks between citations please keep in mind that all your text including the right of beneath the citation must be indented so that the author’s last name is the only text that is completely flushed flat this keeps your citations organized and easy to find again notice the two parts of the annotated bibliography you have a citation then the annotation which summarizes assesses and reflects on the source I hope this video was helpful to you have a lovely day and as please remember to cite your sources