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Apple updates to macOS 10.13.4, tvOS 11.3 and iOS 11.3 all feature major pushes in the area of privacy. The coque iphone 5s qui s’illumine Guardian states that this new privacy push is in connection with the General Data Protection Regulation, coque iphone 6 coquelicot which goes into effect in the European Union in May.

Here what new with iOS 11.3

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In a press release announcing iOS 11.3, Apple outlined all the big new features that are coming to iPhones and iPads, including new augmented reality experiences, additional Animoji for the iPhone X and access to health records. The update also includes the much anticipated battery auchan coque iphone 6s health monitor, coque iphone 6 compatible 6s which is the company answer to all the criticism regarding its decision coque iphone 6 plus ol to secretly throttle iPhone batteries when they get to be a certain coque iphone 5s viking age.

For augmented reality, iOS 11.3 adds vertical surfaces such as doors and walls to the horizontal surfaces that are already in coque samsung s7 use within AR apps that use ARKit. The update also brings more accurate mapping for surfaces that are irregular, such as round tables, and more advanced computer vision coques personnalisees iphone 6 6s to locate 2D items like signs. ARKit can also take these 2D images coque iphone 5s mandala silicone from the real world and place them inside a virtual one, like by creating a museum for artwork seen in the real world.

iOS 11.3 also brings four new Animoji to the iPhone X: a coque iphone 6 fleur de lys bear, dragon, lion and skull. It also adds Business Chat, which enables users to chat with businesses on the Messages app. The feature is launching in beta with some major coque iphone 6 cuir amazon businesses in the retail, hospitality and finance industries, but soon it will roll out to more businesses. Business Chat is integrated with Maps, Safari and Siri, so users will find an option to chat with businesses via Messages or make a payment coque huawei 1 through Apple Pay.

iOS 11.3 also brings a new Health Records feature, which supports over 40 major health systems, new information on data and privacy, and coque iphone 5c pour cacher la couleur the battery health monitor, which can be accessed by going to Settings> Battery on the iPhone 6 or later. To download and install iOS 11.3, just go to Settings and download it over the air or connect your device to iTunes on coque iphone 5c silicone pistolet your PC and update it that way. To update your HomePod speaker to iOS 11.3, go to the coque huawei pro Home app, then Speakers> Software Update.

Release notes for macOS 10.13.4

Perhaps coque iphone 5s metallica the biggest change in macOS 10.13.4 is the fact that it the first one to include official support for GPUs, VentureBeat explains. For the average user, this isn a big deal, but for those who want to upgrade to coque huawei p9 coque iphone 5s pantone a high performance video card, it certainly is. coque iphone 5s l attaque des titans macOS 10.13.4 will also get the same Business Chat feature that going to iOS and some security patches for Safari. To upgrade to macOS 10.13.4, just go to the Mac App Store.

While tvOS 11.3 is also launching today, it a very minor update that includes some bug fixes and other minor patches. Previously, tvOS 11.3 had been expected to include AirPlay 2, which would sync playback of audio files across multiple HomePods and Apple TV, but it ended up not making it into the update.

Apple Watch users will also find that the watchOS 4.3 update doesn bring any major changes either, although there could end up being a new gay pride watch face. There is a new animation that will show while the battery is charging and some other minor visual changes. Users can also use Nightstand Mode while the Apple Watch is in portrait mode after updating to watchOS 4.3…