Find Family Friends

Life360 is the world’s leading location coque iphone 6s avec rabat transparente sharing app, with smart tools designed to protect and connect families. Enjoy daily peace of mind with features like automatic alerts as family members come and go from your most visited places. See completed trips, coque iphone 8 plus bleu metallique driving coque iphone 8 louboutin behavior, and coque iphone 8 plus avion personnalise more. As seen on top networks like FOX, NBC, coque iphone 6s avec paillettes liquide and CBS.

Use Life360’s advanced safety and coordination tools to:

«I have two new drivers. I feel more at ease when I can see info about their tripsBeing able to coque iphone 8 prime not only know where my children are but also that they’re driving safely is something I can’t be thankful enough for.» Miranda Carter

Use GPS to find Friends and Family

Life360’s Family spigen coque iphone 8 plus Friend Locator uses state of the art GPS location data to report the coque iphone 8 coeur real time whereabouts of your friends and family. Simply install the Family Friend Locator on everyone’s phone. Once coque huawei nova registered, each member appears as a unique icon coque iphone 6 s fantaisie coque samsung s10 on the map so you’ll always know where your family members are.

No need to send coque transparente iphone 8 le roi lion text messages asking «When will you be home» The Life360 Family Friend Locator coque huawei p8 tells you! Create geofence zones around your home, work, school, or anywhere you visit regularly. Whenever someone in your Circle arrives or leaves those locations, you’ll get a notification.

Follow Your Family’s Driving Behavior

See when your family members are driving. Did your coque samsung galaxy s8 son just pass his driving test, and has taken to the road with the family car Our premium driving features will let you see when your coque iphone 8 plus galaxie kids are speeding, driving irresponsibly, or texting while driving. Help them coque iphone 7 plus silicone manga become better drivers and compare their driving to your own.

Protect the whole family with our premium Crash Detection service. Using the accelerometer on your phone, Life360 can coque iphone 8 silicone disney stitch automatically detect if a car crash has occurred while someone was driving. Our software has been tested in BMW’s crash test facility, and we analyzed data from numerous real life car crashes. When we detect a crash, our trained emergency response coque iphone 8 noir amazon agents can call the person involved in the crash within minutes and check if they’re ok. If they need assistance, we can automatically dispatch emergency coque iphone 6s thug life services directly to their location. We can also contact the driver’s Circle and family immediately after the crash, to give you ultimate peace of mind while your family is on the road.

Life360 offers a variety of membership coque samsung j7 plans to fit your family’s unique needs at every life stage. All plans have a free 7 day trial. After the trial ends, the subscription will auto renew on a monthly or yearly basis. You will receive your first coque iphone 7 baroque charge 7 days after starting your trial. You can turn off the auto renew for this subscription at any time by going to your iTunes Account Settings. If you do not want to be billed during your trial, you must turn off auto renew at least 24 hours before it expires.

Disclaimer: Continued usage of location services while the app is in the background can excessively drain battery.

But not to worry, we’ve spent 8 years developing our location technology and our algorithms always keep battery usage to a minimum, even while you drive!..