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There are about 1.5 billion websites running on our global World Wide Web. However only 200 million are actual live websites. By Live we mean websites with aunique hostname (IP Address).

Many of these provide our daily information source and companies large or small offer or present their goods. This all serves good purpose but the more we use the internet, the more personal information is left on websites wether you

know or not. The average internet user have their own private dossier known to those interested in your way of life. You are by default tracked every day and all the way from shopping to the tax man.

Ever wondered why when on Facebook you get relevant advertisement just for coque samsung s9 youI guess if you followed the news lately , you know by now they probably know more about you then your relatives.

To put things simple, coque iphone 5 imprimer privacy coque samsung j7 doesn exist onthe internet for most. The majority of users is ignorant and have no clue of cookies,IP and consent to almost any request made by a developer in order to coque iphone 5 pegase read the stuff they are interested in. The average user just can resist saying NO toemail addresses asked and top coque iphone 5c clapet it off with, dates of birth and more, if that would mean not to have access to the information or website.

So, most of us just do as asked for and consent to anything! Later on you find yourself receiving spam mail and phone calls.

The first and best thing to do for anybody, is to get yourself coque samsung j4 the best VPN connection. This solves one end of the problem, your IP and stop to any kind of tracing or tracking. BUT if you still fill out the personal information in order to coque iphone 5s garcon take part on Facebook, Twitter or whatever you done. Computer crime is getting more and more advanced and criminals are no longer thugs strong and able to do you over with a coque iphone 4s coca single blow. No, computer crime is done by highly skilled people as it is no coque iphone 5 victoria secret easy job.

As the revenues can be huge, coque j5 2017 samsung bleu this area gets more sophisticated time after time. Hacking Bitcoin, Banks,Companies and private computers (ransomware) is delivering billions of dollars.

So Governments are faced with new threats, as are people who can be victims of identity theft and can have coque iphone 5 et 5s pareil their lives wrecked as there is no solution for this really. A new law (AVG and GDPR) is coming and implemented on 25th of May 2018.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which is amazon coque iphone 4s licorne designed to enable individuals to better control their personal data. It is hoped that these modernised and unified rules will allow businesses to make the most of the opportunities of the Digital Single Market by reducing regulation and benefiting from reinforced consumer trust.

The Data Protection Directive: The police and criminal justice sectors will ensure that the data of victims, witnesses, and suspects of crimes, are duly protected in the context of a criminal investigation or a law enforcement action. At the same time more harmonised laws will also facilitate cross border cooperation of police coque iphone 5c secret story or prosecutors to combat crime and terrorism more effectively across Europe.

The GDPR was ratified mid 2016 and immediately became law. Member states now coque iphone 5s miroir or have a 2 year implementation period. Enforcement will commence by 25th May 2018 at the latest. We tried the most mentioned and praised plugins but found

only a few really doing the job. Mind you, this also depends a bit on the websites functions. Do you have registered users or not, subscribers or live chat functions this all has impact on the scope you need to tackle.

But there one rule for all. We NEED to comply, being a private website owner or business!! WeePie Cookie Allow plugin vente de coque coque samsung s5 iphone 4 for WordPress is the best we found so far. The best means, coque iphone 4 leonardo dicaprio installable and usable for any website owner being novice orAUTOMATIC COOKIE BLOCKER PLUGIN for coque samsung a40 WORDPRESS

This cookie consent WordPress Plugin coque iphone 5c depeche mode with a lot of styling options makes it possible to easily and fully comply with anycookie law:

EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)EU cookie lawUK cookie lawDutch cookie law + Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming (AVG)Italian cookie lawGerman cookie lawEtc.!This plugin is more than a notification bar: it really can block cookies before consent !

AVG / GDPR requiredYES! If you have an European website or a website directed to an European audience, a website visitor has to be informed about and give coque iphone 5c carte du maraudeur consent for placing certain privacy sensitive cookies on your website…